How can we be useful to you in working with the staff of your company?

  • We will be helpful in draft contracts, employment applications, applications for the use of non-taxable amoint in Estonian.
  • We will make an entry in the employment register.
  • We will run payroll calculations.
  • We will send you a payroll with the amounts of wages due and payable to employees.
  • We will complete and submit TSD return on wages and all requisite attachments to the return.
  • We will tell you the amount, term and details for payment of taxes.
  • We will keep you informed of changes in taxation.
  • We will be helpful in resolving labor disputes with employees (if any), representing you in court and in the Labor Disputes Commission.
  • We will assist with obtaining a work permit and a residence permit for your employees.
  • We will consult which form of labor relations is suitable for your company.
  • We will prepare a set of documents on labor safety on site.
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