Legal Services

Punamoon OÜ
offers the following corporate services:

  • Advice in the field of commercial, tax, contractual and labor law
  • Settlement of labor disputes
  • Assistance in obtaining a residence permit and a work permit for staff
  • Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Drawing up of statements of claim and representation in court
  • Judicial defense of customers as part of tax disputes
  • Organization of notarization and translation
  • Preparation of documents, guidelines, business plans

Legal Services Price List

ServiceUnitCost Net of VAT, EUR
Legal Services
Legal adviceHour90
Representation in courtHour90
Preparation of documentsDocument20 and above
Drawing up of a statement of claimStatement320 and above
Preparation of Notarial and Register Documents
Power of attorney for an individual70
Power of attorney for a legal entity100
Certification of signature30
Notarized articles of association and register (B) card30
Certificate from the State Department65
Bankruptcy Proceedings
Drawing up of statements of claim as part of bankruptcy proceedingsStatement320
Work as part of bankruptcy proceedingsHour90
Other services
Quick debt collection (“Maksekäsu kiirmenetlus“ procedure). State duty is added to the price.50
Assistance in Obtaining a Residence Permit and a Work Permit for Staff
Filing of an application30
Procurement of a work permit30
Filling out of a questionnaire 50
Advice Hour90
Urgent Work +50% to the price

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