Accounting service and legal advice. We provide a wide range of services to support business in Estonia and Finland.

Corporate services

We have registered companies in Estonia and been engaged in making changes to the Commercial Register of Estonia since 1993. We guarantee prompt and efficient service and advice. Have you just set up your operations, or has your company been operating for many years? In any case, you can reckon on a helpful and friendly advice from our consultant.

Accounting services

Our accounting clientele is service companies, clothing shops, international carriers, construction companies, furniture manufacturers, programmers, shipbuilders, tourist offices and businesses specialized in steelwork, online marketing, beekeeping, wholesale and retail trade, etc. Our services will perfectly suit both small businesses with several employees, and companies with 200 employees and above.

Legal services

Our specialists offer competent solutions in legal questions. Our headcount is skilled staff members providing their services in cooperation with notaries, lead auditors and lawyers. The customer’s case is always kept absolutely confidential.

Contact Person And Legal Address In Estonia

We offer the service of a legal address and a contact person to client companies that use the accounting support of Punamoon OÜ. Our company Punamoon Pluss OÜ have the license required to act as a contact person in Estonia.

Services In Finland

We register a permanent place of business for Estonian companies in Finland; provide accounting services; we submit monthly and annual declarations according to Finnish laws; enter the company in all necessary registers; we provide other services for Estonian companies with permanent and temporary activities in Finland.

Immigration Services In Estonia

Registration of a temporary residence permit for a period of 2 to 5 years, extension of a temporary residence permit, work visa D to Estonia – our services. We will prepare a correctly drawn up package of documents, we will take over the correspondence with government agencies, we will coordinate the process until the result is obtained.

Punamoon OÜ

Punamoon OÜ was founded in 1993. Since the set up of the company we have been based in Tallinn on Mooni Street, which means “poppy” in Estonian.
Hence is the name – Punamoon. Our symbol is the poppy flower.

We specialize in the formation of new commercial and non-profit associations in Estonia, as well as in providing the full range of accounting and legal services. We help with the registration of the permanent place of business in Finland, provide bookkeeping and submit returns according to Finnish law.

Our motto: We are stronger together!

Simple answers to frequently asked questions about business, accounting and taxation in Estonia

Our Publications And Company News

In our blog you can find useful information about taxation and business in Estonia and in Finland.

Our Clients’ Feedback

Our clients always receive quality service.

  • We have been working with Punamoon OÜ for many years already and we have always received professional help at any time of the day or night. A company in which there is always a person who knows the answer to our question. Special thanks to Nadezhda Bodrenkova, who can find an approach to any customer.

    Svetlana Sibenkova Gavkon LTD / Office Manager
  • What I like most working with Punamoon OÜ is flexibility, responsiveness and pithy advice.

    Artur Jutman Testonica Lab OÜ / Board Member
  • I decided to purchase services from Punamoon OÜ upon the recommendation of friends and colleagues. Plus I knew that your company has expertise in my business profile. There are no significant moments: our cooperation is progressing smoothly.

    Roman Efremov „TEHNOKRATIA“ Eesti filiaal / Chief Executive Officer
  • Working with your company means professionalism, experience and a wide range of services in one company. I've been working with Punamoon OÜ since 2012.

    Oleh Krempovskyy KREDMIOL OÜ / Chief Executive Officer
  • I have known Punamoon OÜ for a long time. I have been cooperating with your company for more than 20 years. The most pleasant impressions from services of Punamoon OÜ.

    Pavel Kuznetsov PANAK OÜ / Board Member
  • There was a need for an accountant, I was recommended Punamoon OÜ, I tried to cooperate and everything suited perfectly well!

    Vitali Pindik Vicom Pluss OÜ / Board Member
  • Punamoon OÜ is cordiality, kindness and love to the customer.

    Stanislav Levtšenko Levst OÜ / Board Member
  • I liked interpersonal communication. I trust it as myself, I'm not afraid to entrust Punamoon OÜ with all the most valuable things I have.

    Igor Sidorenko Estplain OÜ / Board Member
  • In working with Punamoon, I appreciate the promptness of resolving a problem and the coverage of the problem as a whole.

    Serhii Shlemko TOV ,, AVALON+’’ Eesti Filiaal / Board Member
  • In working with Punamoon, we can emphasize affability and responsiveness to questions. Everything is always on time.

    Ekaterina Sergeeva Whitescape OÜ
  • Your team works smoothly and in any case the customer remains satisfied. Interchangeability.

    Alexander Kalyuzhny ALEX & K OÜ / Board Member
  • A company with professionals through and through! Time after time I was helped both in word and deed! Thank you for being helpful!

    Karina Šabelski Beauty Media FX OÜ / Board Member
  • Punamoon OÜ is our reliable partners and very responsible professionals. Thank you for knowledgeable assistance and advice. We are very satisfied and we all recommend it.

    Nadežda Ursini ALARMA Arhitektuuribüroo OÜ
  • Thank you for knowledgeable assistance. For pithy advice. For the foundation support. If you want to receive professional services - you came to the right place :).

    Anna Tõnissaar MTÜ Heategevusfond Südamete Soojus / Charitable Foundation
  • In Punamoon I always get meaningful response to questions of any complexity. I strongly recommend it!

    Andrey Ponyakov AS Infragate Eesti / Financier
  • A superprofessional company with a very friendly and wonderful team!!! It provides services quickly and efficiently!!!)) Thank you for being so!!))

    Viktoria Kolossova Miss Mary of Sweden OÜ / Planning Department
  • A company with experienced professionals and specialists. I would advise to start with a consultation, and you will see for yourself!

    Viktoria Potapova Tallinn Club of Successful Women / Editor-in-Chief

Punamoon OÜ consultants will gladly answer your questions and find solutions to your problems

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