How to sell a company share / re-execute the company (OÜ) to another owner? Can this be done with an ID card? Is a personal presence of the owner needed? Is the spouse’s consent needed?


It is impossible to sell a partnership share with an ID card. The sale of a share and re-execution of the company to another owner is carried out at the notary. The only exception is the company shares registered in the Estonian Central Register of Securities. In this case, the share sale is carried out through the bank.

Registration of a transaction at a notary office requires personal presence of all parties to said transaction. The sale of a share is also possible by a notarized power of attorney.

Should the seller of the share be married at the time of acquiring the share, and should spouses have co-property, then consent (in person or by power of attorney) of the spouse is required. The seller shall have a marriage certificate on hand during the transaction. If marriage was registered in Estonia, the notary will take the register data themselves. Should the seller of the share not be married at the time of acquiring the share, the spouse’s participation is not required.

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