The top 5 reasons to register your business with Punamoon OÜ

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Five reasons to choose Punamoon OÜ to guide you through the process of incorporation or making Commercial register changes.

  • You need a unique corporate charter or other documents drawn up according to the needs of your company. A standard charter template is provided when incorporating an enterprise in the Commercial register using an ID card. Our experts can create a unique corporate charter and other documents, taking all your needs and wishes into account, or help you with the selection of items proposed in the Commercial register’s template, so that your company doesn’t encounter any issues in the future.
  • You have started incorporating your company/making register changes       yourself and received a note from the government regarding discrepancies in your application, with the deadline for fixing it indicated in the message. We can help you prepare and submit the right set of documents on time, without losing state fee you’ve already paid.
  • You want to save time to focus on your primary business objectives. We are helping companies go through the process of incorporation, and introduce changes to the Register since 1993. With Punamoon you can rest assured we’ll perform a top-quality job in a short time. You won’t have to look for document templates, prepare documents, figure out the details of the Commercial Code of Estonia, or settle any disputes.
  • You are a non-resident of Estonia or do not know the state language. Punamoon experts will prepare the documents in accordance with your needs and wishes, as well as legal requirements, and, if necessary, will communicate with government agencies.
  • You can ask any questions regarding the commercial law, accounting and taxation in Estonia for free, as consultations for the Punamoon clients are provided free of charge.

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