Can I ignore letters from the Statistics Department?


No, you may not ignore the requirements of the Statistics Department for providing the company’s statistical statements. The reporting of statistics is mandatory for all companies in Estonia on the basis of the State Statistics Act (Riikliku statistika seadus). In the event of failure to provide statistical statements or in case of false data, the representative of the Department will issue an order. Failure to comply with the order will entail a fine of up to EUR 2,000.

The Statistics Department shall decide what companies are required to submit a statement or statements, and shall notify entrepreneurs to that end. You can also not wait for a letter from the state representative and check whether your company has mandatory statistical statements and what types of statements the company should provide. Check by entering the company registration code.

We can be helpful in completing and submitting all types of statistical statements, as well as in liaising with the Statistics Department, if necessary.

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